Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interesting story of Valentino Rossi

Men born in Urbino, Italy, 16 February 1979. During the journey of his life so many things that we can take both for your work as the seller, advertiser, or you are at this time as the drivers.

He was a racer that has fans in almost all the world, wherever he is and wherever he played there surely have fans Rossi. In fact from the story that my father never got that Rossi Rossi want to grow as athletes Soccer, but more like a game Rossi bike. At first he was hiding with a bicycle that he had, Talent and desire to grow that success Valentino Rossi. When the children occupied with the contemporary.

In the new age of 14 years, Valentino Rossi can also become a national racing champion Italy in the 125 cc class. Try your note that he is sincere to the fans of him, he has not the ambition when he knows that the capacity constraints due to decreased motor but he always believes that he is able to finish well. He also knew when he had to stick him with no gas to make opponents fall or even back when Rossi can almost collide, but Rossi is still champion

Her victory in the series reached its peak in June 2009 to 100, you can imagine the struggle Rossi to climb to 100 victories time series champion. He was always friendly with the reporters who cover the camera or even him he always has a million action in front of the camera. Good luck Valentino Rossi


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